Your rank, before and now

I just wanted to drop this topic and see what was your rank at first and what is it now? think it’s a cool topic to talk about :smiley: for me:

It was: Iron 1 (I know it was bad :smiley:)
Right now is: Iron 3 (making progress :smiley:)


Mine was Bronze 3
and now I’m Bronze 2 :)))

Do you Q with friends or solo? I usually play solo

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Was: Gold 1
Is: Gold 1 still

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Actually its a good idea if we all say we play solo or with friends, I never played solo (maybe once) I’m always playing with my friends, but there are so many people that play solo and are leveling up their rank though

Only when when I solo … always lose with friends :frowning:

It was: Bronze 1
Right now is: Iron 3

was: Iron 3
now: Bronze 1
now now: Silver 2