What is "Aim Training" and why is it mandatory to excel in VALORANT

What is Aim Training and why is it important?

Imagine trying to become a professional “Basketball” player, it requires a lot of dedication, hard work, and most importantly PRACTICE. A typical basketball player may spend a lot of time playing basketball in the streets and playing friendly matches, however somewhat plateauing, even with hours and hours of the same sequence he/she will not really notice a major difference in their game. This is because playing and practicing are two different worlds.

Practice helps with:

  • Getting better in areas where you need more help
  • Gradually putting aside bad habits
  • Focusing directly on very important area that create advantage in your game
  • Repeating the same sequence over and over again in a shorter period
  • Becoming more aware and responsive on important situations making the best decisions quicker

The above applies to gaming as well. Hours of game play alone will not necessarily be enough to become better and this is why most gamers usually get stuck at a certain rank/level and find themselves hovering around that rank all the time (and yes we are aware that this is also due to toxic teammates and “leavers” to an extent … :roll_eyes:)

Like almost anything in life: “practice make perfect”.

Professional players are relying on “Aim Training” to stay woke and on top of their game at all times, they view Aim Training as a necessity to be put in their weekly routine.

Aim Training allows players to create scenarios very similar to the games they play (e.g. mouse sensitivity, guns, powers, etc.) and practice those exact moments over and over again, this opportunity does not arise in playing the actual game where you find yourself running around, walking, waiting, (yelling :grinning:), and basically spending a majority of your hours in “downtime”. In just 15 minutes of practicing Aim Training you may be shooting more enemies than you will in 3 hours of gameplay.

This will help you increase your Aim and shooting skills much quicker and with a regular practice regime find yourself noticeably better in combat.

Coming Up

In the next few weeks we will be discussing Aim Training in much more depth and detail and will be reviewing one of the best games for this type of training “KovaaK 2.0: The Meta”.

We will also be running a 2 week tournament around KovaaK 2.0 so we recommend downloading it early and getting a head start.