Tournamust VALORANT Open Cup - Starts 8th of May - EU - €50 prize!

Welcome to the first Tournamust VALORANT Open Cup :trophy:

We are working on building the most vibrant VALORANT community so that both players and teams can together benefit from the conversations. :heart_eyes:

As part of building the community we will be running regular tournaments which gradually will spin off to division based leagues.

1. Registration to “VALORANT Open Cup 1” is free of charge
2. This tournament is for EU residence only, we will be announcing a NA tournament separately
3. It is mandatory for all members of the team to register on our website.

Our goal is not to just be another tournament but rather build content around the games and every tournament will be better and bigger than the previous one.


  1. We will be streaming (with a broadcaster) the finals, semi-finals, and random games through our Twitch account
  2. We also ask all teams to share highlights of their games where we can display them to members on the website
  3. We will conduct an interview with the winning team to be shared with the community
  4. We always look for ideas, if you have them we are all ears

Schedule - Timezone: UCT+1

5:30 pm - Registration closed
5:30-5:55 pm - Check-in period
6:00 pm - Brackets release

6:00-7:00 pm Play-off Round 1 (no-show: 6:15 pm) BO1
7:00-8:00 pm Play-off Round 2 (no-show: 7:15 pm) BO1
8:00-9:00 pm Play-off Round 3 (no-show: 8:15 pm) BO1
9:00-10:00 pm Play-off Round 4 (no-show: 9:15 pm) BO3

You must take a screenshot of the final results of your matches, and upload it on this URL [#]. We kindly ask you to indicate the team names at the screenshots (for example: “Team A” 13-10 “Team B”).


The final 2 teams in the tournament bracket will automatically guarantee themselves a place in the “Grand Tournament” and the winning team will receive a cash prize:

  • :1st_place_medal:WINNER: There is a €50 cash prize for the winning team which will be given to them through PayPal
  • :1st_place_medal::2nd_place_medal:BOTH FINALISTS: An entry ticket to the “Grand Tournament” which consists of the best teams and a larger prize pool


All the rules and regulations can be found here:
Tournament Rules and Regulations

Need Help?

Get in touch with someone from the team:

This competition is not affiliated with or sponsored by Riot Games, Inc. or Valorant Esports.

Good luck teams!