Tournamust is now LAIR.GG

After much consideration and the opportunity to merge with ELITE LEAGUE to run more professional tournaments it became obvious that the name and brand was not representing the scope of work that we wished to achieve both now and in the future.

Therefore we decided that it is much better to pull the plug early and make the move to a name that is more aligned with our vision and our direction.

Some of the representations of the new logo:

  1. Closer colors to the game VALORANT which we are pioneering on
  2. Closer font direction, and although it is unique it its own way it also falls under the same family as VALORANT does. This being said it also has an independent look to it.
  3. More minimal yet more meaningful
  4. A short domain name (4 characters long)
  5. A broader meaning to the name

Branding Cheat Sheet

Download in Vector

20200519_lairgg_branding_v1.pdf (40.8 KB)

Download Red PNG


Wow! :smiley: :partying_face: Cool Logo!