Tournament Rules and Regulations

Please read the information below to assure you fully understand all the rules and regulations related to the game:

Server Settings

  • OPEN Custom Game
  • MODE: Standard
  • CHEATS: Off

Map & Side Selection

  • Coin toss for 1st match: Winner chooses map, Loser chooses sides
  • 2nd match: Losing team chooses map, Winning team chooses sides
  • 3rd match: Leftover map(till riot games add more), Coin toss for sides

→ The tournament will run on a best of 1 maps (BO1) until the finals which will be running in a best of 3 maps (BO3) situation.

How to Run a Match

  1. Captains of each team (or players) should add each other as a friend on VALARANT (We will display the Riot ID of captains on our website)
  2. One of the captains creates the custom match
  3. Both captains invite teammates
  4. Both teams confirm they are ready
  5. Game goes live

:warning: You must take a screenshot of the final results of your matches, and upload it on the match article post. We kindly ask you to indicate the team names at the screenshots (for example: “Team A” 13-10 “Team B”).


  • If a player has timed out from the server, because of any reason (connection problem, electricity problem, etc.), you must continue the match. There is no possibility to take a timeout during the match.
  • If the match server breaks you will have to begin a new match on a new server.

:warning: If the certain team does NOT respond on the Tournamust Website or Discord server, or does NOT join to the custom server in time, then they will receive a forfeit loss. The other team must take a screenshot and inform the Moderators on Discord.

Rules and Regulations

  • No swapping in subs during a match.
  • If a team does not have the full 5 man team ready to play at the allotted time (or within the allowed 15 minute grace period) they will forfeit the match.
  • Any display of toxicity via use of in-game, voice chat or any other means will result in a verbal warning for first offence, forfeit of the match for a second offence and forfeit of the tournament for a third offence.
  • Competing players may stream the tournament from there perspective but must have at least 3 minute delay on there stream and must submit there stream link to the admin team prior to the event start.
  • Any accusations of cheating must be backed up with video evidence.
  • Any ability or object that allows glitching, bugging, exploiting or penetrating physical objects/walls that is not intended is not allowed during the tournament, the referee in each match has full permission to force a restart of the match or a forfeit by the offending team.
  • Each team can have 2 substitute players, but must have those players registered from start.

:warning:Compliance :warning:

In order to assure that users are not creating fake accounts on the system just to bypass registration we will be sending out a code to the email address of each player registered on the winning team which they must then report back to us. Once we receive all codes we will ONLY then release the funds to the captain of the team. Should the team not be able to provide (or be forced to edit the email address after winning) we will unfortunately not release the winning prize to them.

Most importantly we want everyone to have fun and enjoy their experience. If you have any comments on what you wish to see let us know below.

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