Open Cup 1 - Preparation

A big warm welcome to all participants! We are excited to watch you all play in our tournament on the 8th of May 2020.


Participating Teams & Captains

# Team Name Captain Riot ID
1 team.Privilege @Tatu Tatu#0215
2 Ironmen @Ch3atC0de Ch3atC0de#6969
3 LosTTeaM @ko1ba ko1ba#8650
4 qupx @Tommy Tommy #qupx
5 BZZ @Francis_la_carotte FrancisLaCarotte #5436
6 ZennIT Gaming @Cronos Cronos#1190
7 ciganyz @judoZ jUDOZ #8771
8 O2 @Jontte Jontte#0000
9 Saucisse Team @Teuce Teuce#7744
10 tbilisi georgia @JAVAXA69 JAVAXA69#EUNE
11 Dynastie @Rednik Rednik#EUW
12 Fridge Gaming @Dracukeo DraKuElKeo#EUW
14 cotch @kARMApangYa karmapangya#1991
15 NoliveBoyz @szoopen szoopen #4670
16 B2k @patrickkk19 norwayesponja#EUW

Reserve Teams
Should a team not check-in they will be replaced with the reserved teams:

# Team Name Captain Riot ID
1 noway @lethisss prettyhaw#0817

Timeline - 8th of May 2020 (All times are UTC+1)

5:30 pm - Registration closed
5:30-5:55 pm - Check-in period
6:00 pm - Bracket Release - Round 1 starts

How to find Riot IDs

Please remember once the brackets are out you can use this page to find the RiotID of the captain of the team you are playing against by clicking on their name and seeing their profile card that looks similar to this:

5-7-2020 9-03-26 PM

How to Check-in

From 5:30 to 5:55 we need teams to mention a comment with the team name and “we are ready” (Comments will be open when the check-in time starts)

Need support?

You can dm @SlimKD or @XeroSiS23 on our Discord channel if you have any question

Good luck everyone!