Open Cup 1 - Match day events

:trophy: Congratulations to Cotch and @kARMApangYa team for winning the first Open Cup tournament!

:1st_place_medal: Cotch
:2nd_place_medal: metin2

Hey Guys!

In less than an hour the games begin. By now all of you are aware of what needs to be done and to check in please reply to the message below with “Team X is ready” (X being the name of your team).

Our Live Stream

The stream will not be up at all times but for sure one of the semi-finals and finals will be aired and we would appreciate you sharing the details with friends:


Participating Teams & Captains

# Team Name Captain Riot ID
1 team.Privilege @Tatu Tatu#0215
2 Ironmen @Ch3atC0de Ch3atC0de#6969
3 LosTTeaM @ko1ba ko1ba#8650
4 qupx @Tommy Tommy #qupx
5 BZZ @Francis_la_carotte FrancisLaCarotte #5436
6 ZennIT Gaming @Cronos Cronos#1190
7 ciganyz @judoZ jUDOZ #8771
8 O2 @Jontte Jontte#0000
9 Saucisse Team @Teuce Teuce#7744
10 tbilisi georgia @JAVAXA69 JAVAXA69#EUNE
11 Dynastie @Rednik Rednik#EUW
12 Fridge Gaming @Dracukeo DraKuElKeo#EUW
14 cotch @kARMApangYa karmapangya#1991
15 NoliveBoyz @szoopen szoopen #4670
16 B2k @patrickkk19 norwayesponja#EUW
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Team Saucisse , we are ready

Team cotch , we are ready

Team qupx , we are ready

LosTTeaM, we are ready

team tbilisi georgia ready

we are ready, team : B2K

Dynastie is here and rdy

We are ready, team.Privilege

Team NoLifeBoyz , we are ready

Team ZennIT Gaming agents are ready for deployment on any map :wink:

Team ciganyz , we are ready

team Fridge gaiming, Ready

ZennIT Gaming win

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metin2 WIN

cotch win vs qupx 13-2


b2k 13 - 4 team privilege

NoLifeBoyz (win) vs IronMen (loose )

Dynastie Win VS ciganyz