KovaaK 2.0 supports training for VALORANT



During the past few weeks we have discussed:

Today we will be discussing how you can train for VALORANT through KovaaK 2.0.

The beauty of KovaaK 2.0 is that it allows you to “customize” and that translates to being able to setup the environment for VALORANT or any other FPS game in the market.

This video shares a complete guide on how to prepare for it:

Here is a second one from KovaaK 2.0 with more details on preparation:

The video below is not officially from KovaaK 2.0 but a nice build from the community:

Now that you have everything setup the way you like, take a look at this training guide made by users of the community as well:

How to get it?

The game can be found on the Steam store and is currently 40% off.

We will also be running a 2 week tournament around KovaaK 2.0 so we recommend downloading it early and getting a head start.