Khaldor will be commentating CLUTCH BATTLES!

We are honored to announce the legendary Khaldor will be commentating #tournament:clutch-battles

Khaldor began his community work as a webmaster for a German community website. Through luck, he got a spot shoutcasting an event in a time when Shoutcasts weren’t very common.[3] With time he became more and more involved in the WC3 community, commentating on a regular basis and becoming the manager of the team 4Kings and later mousesports.

His “personal highlight” is his casting of the WCG 2008, where he was the official commentator on site.

Fun facts about Khaldor

  • Khaldor has well over 110,000 followers on Twitch (where he will be casting our tournament)
  • Often gets compared to Vin Diesel / Johnny Sins due to his bald head and muscular build.
  • Has a degree in “International Business Administration”
  • Makes delicious pancakes