How to change your region in VALORANT without submitting any ticket! [100% Working]

Hey guys,

Just found this solution, I thought that I should also share it here.

Not sure if this works with the accounts who were playing during Beta, It would nice if someone can try and let me know here. Because I didn’t have access to Beta I couldn’t test it.

  1. Go to and check your current Country/Region, if this is not the one you want then

  2. Go to then click on "Submit a ticket"

  3. Choose your request type as "I’m having issues with Riot account Region/ Shard Assignment.

  4. Then choose your inquiry as "My account was assigned to the wrong region or shard!"

  5. Next, you can see a big box that says “UPDATING YOUR REGION OF RESIDENCE” and there is a checkbox there, If you click on it, it will show your current region and your current location. for example, my current region was “USA” but my current location is " Philippines", then it just offered me that do you want us to change your region? That’s it, I clicked on Submit to change my region and within 2 minutes my region from the USA changed to the Philippines, without even submitting my ticket.

I hope this was helpful for you guys, again this might only work with new accounts that didn’t play during BETA or this is a new feature that Valorant just added to their support.



Noiiice :slight_smile: Thank you for this! :wink:


Oh thanks for the info


When i do this it tells me that i am not eligible to change my region. I’m from AU and I’m trying to get out of NA servers. Does anyone know the solution to this?

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Were you playing on BETA? Did you try to submit a ticket for support?

yes i played in the beta. I have submitted a ticket but i’m guessing it will take a while for them to respond to me because of the amount of people wanting to change region.

Usually, they will take about 2-3 days to answer, but make sure you don’t use any pinglower software or VPN, and also try to use incognito page with Chrome (open chrome and press CTRL+Shift+N) and then do the process from the start, it will easily change your location.

Thanks for the help! i was also wondering if my progress will be wiped when i change region? does that mean my levelling stats or does that mean all everything because i have already bought a lot of stuff from the store.

No problem, no the progress will not be wiped or changed, the things that will change is your currency for purchasing items and the server you connect when playing, one thing I wanted to mention that is not an official Valorant forum, it’s a Valorant platform for communication and a platform that runs Valorant tournaments, feel free to contact me on Discord if you had any question related to on SlimKD#3808

its not working for me it says: Unfortunately, you cannot access this feature at this time. Please submit a ticket so an agent can assist you.