CLUTCH BATTLES - Register your team


Please review the details below to reserve a slot on the CLUTCH BATTLES tournament:


Our very first tournament as LAIR.GG is to begin on the 3rd of June 2020. That means 1 day after the public launch of the game.

In the next few days we will be providing more information on registration, brackets, rules, and of course the prize.

Prize Pool

  • 500€ for winning team
  • 5 x Steam Keys for Kovaak 2.0

Quick Info

  • Only EU teams (NA tournament to be announced shortly)
  • 128 teams to participate
  • 3rd of June, 5 pm UK time games begin in the form of single game single elimination
  • 4th of June, 5 pm semi-finals and finals to be held


Step 1

Make sure EVERYONE on your team is registered on our website (and we made it really easy, you can literally register with any social media account you have handy) and you all have the same “Team name”.

Step 2

As the captain write a comment under this post saying:

Team {Your Team} is ready

tagging all your teammates using the @ sign


Team Iron Men is ready @xerosis23 @SlimKD

Step 3

Although we recommend all players, but at least as a captain join our Discord channel to be updated on all quick communications:


Please read the information below to assure you fully understand all the rules and regulations related to the game:

Server Settings

  • OPEN Custom Game
  • MODE: Standard
  • CHEATS: Off

Map & Side Selection

  • Coin toss for 1st match: Winner chooses map, Loser chooses sides
  • 2nd match: Losing team chooses map, Winning team chooses sides
  • 3rd match: Leftover map(till riot games add more), Coin toss for sides

→ The tournament will run on a best of 1 maps (BO1) until the finals which will be running in a best of 3 maps (BO3) situation.

How to Run a Match

  1. Captains of each team (or players) should add each other as a friend on VALARANT (We will display the Riot ID of captains on our website)
  2. One of the captains creates the custom match
  3. Both captains invite teammates
  4. Both teams confirm they are ready
  5. Game goes live

:warning: You must take a screenshot of the final results of your matches, and upload it on the match article post. We kindly ask you to indicate the team names at the screenshots (for example: “Team A” 13-10 “Team B”).


  • If a player has timed out from the server, because of any reason (connection problem, electricity problem, etc.), you must continue the match. There is no possibility to take a timeout during the match.
  • If the match server breaks you will have to begin a new match on a new server.

:warning: If the certain team does NOT respond on the LAIR.GG website or Discord server, or does NOT join to the custom server in time, then they will receive a forfeit loss. The other team must take a screenshot and inform the Moderators on Discord.

Rules and Regulations

  • No swapping in subs during a match.
  • If a team does not have the full 5 man team ready to play at the allotted time (or within the allowed 15 minute grace period) they will forfeit the match.
  • Any display of toxicity via use of in-game, voice chat or any other means will result in a verbal warning for first offence, forfeit of the match for a second offence and forfeit of the tournament for a third offence.
  • Competing players may stream the tournament from there perspective but must have at least 3 minute delay on there stream and must submit there stream link to the admin team prior to the event start.
  • Any accusations of cheating must be backed up with video evidence.
  • Any ability or object that allows glitching, bugging, exploiting or penetrating physical objects/walls that is not intended is not allowed during the tournament, the referee in each match has full permission to force a restart of the match or a forfeit by the offending team.
  • Each team can have 2 substitute players, but must have those players registered from start.

:warning:Compliance :warning:

In order to assure that users are not creating fake accounts on the system just to bypass registration we will be sending out a code to the email address of each player registered on the winning team which they must then report back to us. Once we receive all codes we will ONLY then release the funds to the captain of the team. Should the team not be able to provide (or be forced to edit the email address after winning) we will unfortunately not release the winning prize to them.

Most importantly we want everyone to have fun and enjoy their experience. If you have any comments on what you wish to see let us know below.


Team registration will be on a first come first serve basis and below is a list of all teams that have successfully registered in this CLUTCH BATTLE tournament.

If you have registered your team but did not get added to this list after 4 hours please contact @SlimKD or find a moderator on our Discord channel.

# Team Name # Team Name # Team Name # Team Name
1 EU_ORGLESS 2 AMPUTELER 3 Nice Try 4 Atleast we tried
5 SSociety 6 Sharp 7 anekdot 8 Team Cloned
9 m@trix 10 MaxAndRelax 11 Bella Ciao 12 NEKROPOLIS CLAN 2
13 Ultima Ratio 14 AbsoluteLegendsBlue 15 EzLoot 16 Carnifex
17 ZBAM 18 FUZE 19 Hood Eagles 20 Absolute Legends
21 SLAZE 22 Kamil Klein Business 23 99th team 24 DUDE esport
25 Dogs 26 Kineticz 27 PinguGang 28 STR99
29 metin2 30 Purple Cobras 31 FLEX BEAR 32 EnoppenBronVALORANT
33 nolpenki 34 FDP 35 Ming Court Warriors 36 DNG eSports
37 Totem Esports 38 Team RITS 39 isamoti 40 Don’t test our gangster
41 Clickbaiters 42 Omicron 43 bullpeek 44 Just Dogs
45 Rediant 46 Mila 47 FF1569 48 Inmortal
49 Red Barons 50 Falcon Black 51 MDA Esports 52 SuperStars
53 PubgInMyBlood 54 CheatsOn 55 Team Titan 56 Ares Gaming
57 7TGaming 58 pelkka 59 Lynksi 60 The Naughty Bullets
61 Orgless1 62 Tranquil 63 N6 - Nice Gaming 64 zamenacs
65 Aimlock 66 French Frogs 67 Team Turkey 68 Hardcore gamings
69 Fino Ala Fine 70 WKSŚląskWrocławEsports 71 Team Rage Squad 72 TheSatans
73 Project D 74 Eloquence 75 Nakkevenees, kui? 76 tyeasy
77 StjärnaCK 78 123team 79 Sheer Cold 80 Dimension Plus
81 iPonTeamHorizonReapers 82 Thrifty Boys 83 Dawn of Stars 84 HXPY
85 404 Multigaming 86 Gurkentrupp 87 Valyria Gaming 88 lol-
89 Valorant Nubs 90 Tasbihim 91 9x 92 Stealz
93 Winged Guardian 94 A$AP 95 Big Brain Gamers 96 Venox eSport
97 Valorant Taupe 98 Begrip Gaming 99 Myst1s Gaming 100 Tafara
101 Max Control 102 Resurrection Sickness 103 TryToWin 104 Team666
105 Estrachatela 106 ZuppliQ 107 zaERIKA 108 mix1
109 iiiNSANE 110 Synes 111 BlombYi 112 Team …
113 KEKW ES 114 Crowjallys 115 DIVINE BEAST 116 MSR
117 Team JBZZ 118 Team NoMercy 119 MYT 120 Nadre
121 xportal academy 122 Mis panas 123 DETDOM.GG 124 Hyena eSports Alpha Team
125 Aimfest 126 tEAm321 127 TonyTeam 128 ycbI

Team “AMPUTELER” is ready -@SoRRy @Boso0 @noob2112 @OxyGen @MrMuffin25


Team “Nice Try” is ready - @xeniac @Priplq @qdosan @Cold @SGGProjectFox @Hymneto


Team “Atleast we tried” is ready - @Dannie @Roxxer @kally @Arken @kniven


Team “SSociety” is ready - @colbsoN @marco @JevLes @DeadInk @JewNNN


Team “Sharp” is ready @ZendeN @d3ffo @malik @b1sk @valder


Team “anekdot” is ready @hugeon @SnoopykX @Tian @Qw1ns @Shade1

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Team “Team Cloned” is ready - @ClonedbearYT @clan1500 @yCheZ @Gozo @Ouijah @TylerSalmon


Team “m@trix” is ready - @Stes @purp0 @clero @Fright @_Stack4an


Team “Team Eden” is ready - @Bu11dog @nkts @dakeex @AM3LIE @FaQooN


wagwan we ready init

Actually we need you to also tag your teammates here too using @

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@TylerSalmon Please contact me on our discord here: I will explain the process to you, my ID is SlimKD

“Team Cloned” roster - @ClonedbearYT @clan1500 @Gozo @Ouijah @TylerSalmon


Your team is already registered @ClonedbearYT

Team “MaxAndRelax” is ready!
@hmpxD @armino @moken @vicious @Nizn


Team “Bella Ciao” is ready - @Marcito @Lozy @BSP @JLaird04 @BenRMcM @RideOrDie




Team “Ultima Ratio” is ready
@kipp1 @sepchez @BenN @WayofLight @oseu