CLUTCH BATTLES partners with Crucial Ballistix

We are very excited to announce our partnership with the good folks at Crucial!

In 3 words:

  • Record-breaking.
  • Innovative.
  • Legendary.

Crucial enables gamers like you with high performance memory and storage. The are the only brand of gaming memory that fully manufactures their own product, ensuring you get the performance you need for every battle.

“As a brand of Micron, we’ve leveled-up the entire manufacturing process, resulting in engineering tuned-die and a thoroughly-tested production product. Our Ballistix RAM is built with the same Micron die known for overclocking victories – and that’s quality that matters when every second counts. From launching the first affordable terabyte-class SSD and the first to put LEDs on gaming RAM, to making and breaking the overclocking world record five times, Crucial empowers gamers to play in style, without hardware holding you back.”

Get yours today:

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