Best Player in VALORANT

Just wanted to throw this discussion about the better players in VALORANT right now, feel free to post a comment about your favorite player if it’s not on the list I will add it, I just added some of the well-known players and also good players that we saw on our tournament:

Best One?

  • Hiko
  • ACEU
  • Taimou
  • Brax
  • Shroud
  • m1xwell
  • TenZ
  • dizzy
  • sinatraa
  • RIP
  • m1tez
  • veazyWRLD
  • Uzzziii
  • Azox360
  • Zenden

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I guess you forgot to add tenZ, he’s one of the best right now :smiley:

Sure, added to the list

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