An in-depth comparison of the different rifles (especially Phantom vs Vandal)

In this post I want to go into detail the difference between the rifles and particularly the Phantom and Vandal which are by far the most in demand and comparable rifles in VALORANT.

Basic Details

Gun Name Cost Mag Size Wall Penetration Standard Fire ADS
Bulldog Bulldog 2100 24 Medium Full Auto - 9.15 rps 1.25x, 3-Round burst - 4 rps
Guardian 2700 12 Medium Semi Auto - 6.5 rps 1.5x, slight spread reduction - 6.5 rps
Phantom 2900 30 Medium Full Auto - 11 rps 1.25x, slight spread reduction - 9.9 rps
Vandal 2900 25 Medium Full Auto - 9.25 rps 1.25x, slight spread reduction - 8.32 rps

Rifle Damage

Gun Name Head Body Leg
Bulldog Bulldog 116 35 30
Guardian 195 65 49
Phantom (0-15 m) 156 39 33
Phantom (16-30 m) 140 35 30
Phantom (31-50 m) 124 31 26
Vandal 156 39 33

Phantom vs Vandal

The best way to compare the Phantom and the Vandal is if you are a CS player, your M4 is the Phantom while the AK-47 is the Vandal.

Phantom Pros Vandal Pros
Controlling the recoil of the Phantom is easier than the Vandal. The Phantom has damage drop-off depending on range and is weaker than the Vandal.
The phantom offers a slight advantage creating invisible bullet tracers (they appear gray on your screen) while shooting the gun. For a Phantom to do 1 shot headshot kills on an enemy with full health and armour it must be done at a range of 0-15m unlike the Vandal where it can do 1 shot headshots from any range.

Rifle Spread Patterns

Below a video displaying the spread and recoil of spraying a full mag of each rifle.

Vandal Spread Pattern:

Phantom Spread Pattern:

Bulldog Spread Pattern:

Guardian Spread Pattern:


This was really helpful, I didn’t know that phantom will have reduce damage when shot at +15m range, are there any other weapon that have this? or pistoles?