All the factors that will affect your rank increase and decrease after the match

As you know, previously we posted a topic in HERE about all the available ranks and tiers in VALORANT, for me, I always wonder what are the elements that make you get more or less point after the match. I did some research and here are the results that I thought are worth sharing:

First of all, you know that after the game is finished and after the MVP screen, it will show your rank on the top left corner of your screen with an arrow that indicates your gain/lost point on your rank, basically there are 3 types of indicator:

  • Up arrow (means you gained points)
  • Down arrow (means you lost points)
  • Equal sign (means nothing has changed)

both Up and Down arrows have differences in thickness and in number, so after the game, you need to see “The direction of the arrow”, “How many are they” and “How thick they are”, the more arrow and thickness, the more you gain/lose points on your rank, here are the types of arrows that you will see:

Source: Riot Games

Now, elements that will help you to gain more point on your rank are: (obviously the opposite of them will result in losing more points)

  • Winning the game (obviously and also have the most impact)
  • Final score of the game: so the more score that your team has against the enemy in the end, the more you will get points, there is a huge difference between winning 13-2 and 13-10
  • Your K/D status (Kill/Death ratio)
  • Average Combat Score: This will indicate how well you performed in the game and combat score is calculated by these actions:
    • 1 Point per damage you’ve done
    • Kills based on enemies alive: 150 / 130 / 110 / 90 / 70
      • +50 per additional kill
    • Round score
    • And the rating of the average combat score would be:
      • Above 350 = Great
      • 250 to 350 = Really good
      • 150 to 250 = Good/Normal
      • Below 150 = Bad
  • Couple of other activities that will help you to increase your point gain is:
    • Plant/Defuse the bomb
    • Initial kills / First blood
    • Usage of your abilities of course

Let me know if I miss something. I hope this topic was helpful to you :love_you_gesture:


thanks for the info man :+1: :+1:

didn’t know about the usage of the abilities xD