5 tips which serve as 101 in getting better at VALORANT

This is probably a starter pack for those who want to take the game more seriously and become better at VALORANT. The game is obviously tough to master but these 5 steps can be considered the 101 of getting good.

#1 Know all the agents abilities by heart

This is most probably a no-brainier, you need to know who you are playing, who you are dealing with, and what skills your teammates have to offer.

#2 Customize your in-game settings

Although many consider this game something between OW and CS, in the end it is a shooter game and your specs need to match that. I personally call it CS with a touch of OW.

The two most important items are: setting up your mouse sensitivity where you are comfortable for the big 360 spins as well as the delicate head shots and the ability to control sprays. Next is the graphic cards optimizations to maximize performance.

Here is a list of in-game settings for some of the pro players:

#3 Learn the recoil and spray patterns of all the guns

There are a variety of guns in VALORANT, and each of them have a different recoil, rate of fire, damage, penetration, and spray pattern.

Hitting the training area regularly and enhancing your shooting skills will be a major accelerator in your road to a higher ranking.

#4 Increase accuracy

Again, probably easier said than done but in your custom and unrated games try to possibly shoot slower but increase head-shots until moving your mouse in a head-shot level all over the maps becomes natural and increases your reaction time and accuracy.

Constancy and speed is vital to becoming a dominant player.

Training your aim every day is a must. Try to go for head-shots by aiming at the enemy’s head while shooting, as that is what is going to quickly help you with your aiming skills.

Being consistent with your cross-hair aim is vital to successfully picking up a game like VALORANT.

#5 Watch a lot of games and streams

Since demos are not out (yet), the next best thing is to watch professional players stream and understand their game plan, strategies, and decision making tactics.

Try to learn what bad habits are you doing that you do not see in them (e.g. early reload) and remind yourself in game to avoid them.